The Vendor reserves the rights to substitute alternative materials and fixtures of equal or better quality. All renderings and illustrations are artist’s concepts. Size and location of windows may vary. The purchaser acknowledges that there shall be no reduction in the Purchase Price or credit / supply / pick up for any standard feature listed herein which is omitted at the Purchaser’s request. Tub shapes depicted in the rendering may not reflect the actual shape of tub installed, and the Purchaser(s) agree(s) to accept tub as installed. Specifications and conditions are subject to change without notice. Finished floor height and build-in noise-attenuation measure may case ceiling heights to vary in some areas. Drop ceilings and bulkheads will occur to accommodate HVAC, plumbing, electrical and structural requirement. All measurements and dimensions are approximate only and not guaranteed to be exact or to scale. Dimensions may vary with actual construction. All references to sizes, measurements, construction styles, brand/industry names or terms may be subject to change or variation within industry accepted standards & tolerances. All references to features and finishes are as per applicable elevation/plan, and each item may not be included in each suite. All features & finishes where a selection is provided will be selected from the predetermined standard selections. Any references or depictions, if any, to furniture, appliances or other related items and equipment are conceptual in nature and not included in the unit unless otherwise provided for in the agreement of purchase and sale. Nothing herein shall be relied upon as a representation or warranty, collateral agreement or condition, express or implied, of the final plans and specifications for the project, as the final plans and specifications are subject to the final review and approval of any applicable governmental authority and the developer and its consultants and engineers. The Energy Star ® mark is Administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada. E. & O.E. February 2022.